Checkout the First Trailer for Christopher Nolan's Upcoming Movie, 'Tenet'

The latest movie from director Christopher Nolan has dropped its first trailer and it's looks really Christopher Nolan-y.

John David Washington (Denzel's son, Blackkklansman) and Robert Pattinson (Twilight guy) join forces with Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) for the upcoming summer blockbuster, 'Tenet'.

Like most Nolan films, Momento, Inception, The Prestige, we can't really figure what the hell the movie is about, but Tenet looks to be full of action. Here's the plot listed on IMDB.

The plot is currently unknown. The project is described as an action epic revolving around international espionage, time travel, and evolution.

Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth, Austin Powers dad) also makes his token Nolan film appearance. Along with familiar faces, shots of cities and non-CGI action continue to staples of Nolan's films.

It looks like great fun and Nolan rarely delivers a dud. Sign me up for tickets in July when this movie drops.

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