Are Idaho Drivers Ruder Than Washington Drivers?

Only one state stands between Idaho being the state with the nation's rudest drivers.

A study from Insurify ranks the Gem State the second-rudest on the roads in the country. Virginia, which is supposed to be "for lovers," earned the top billing for having the rudest drivers.

According to the study, tailgating rates in Idaho are 4.89 times the national average. The study adds "Failure to yield violations are also much more common in this state than in others; drivers in the Idaho are 2.6 times as likely than average to commit a failure to yield to a pedestrian violation and 2.07 times as likely to fail to yield the right of way to another driver."

Washington checks in at 20th in the study. Washington ranked 97.8 percent higher than the national average for tailgating, and above 30 percent higher for failure to yield.

You can dig deeper into the study and see where other states stack up here.

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