I ate at QQ Sushi and lived to tell you about it...

Yesterday I read disturbing news about a restaurant I recently visited.

A brave, young soul named Elijah posted DISTURBING footage of employees apparently preparing food on the floor and not properly icing raw meats.

I potentially ate floor sushi and lived to talk about it... THEY APPARENTLY PREPPED THE FOOD ON THE FLOOR!

I'm shook. I've been recommended to eat at QQ several times by many trustworthy people. That trust is being tested and I feel I've been led astray. One day, maybe, I'll take restaurant tips from them again but unlike QQ's alleged meat... it's too fresh.

Consuming any uncooked foods is always a roll of the dice. But when it's allegedly marinated on the ground and the raw meats are hanging out for hours at room temperature, then your odds of being attached to the Porcelain God for the next 24-to-48 hours increase enormously.

I don't know how I escaped QQ without a brutal bout of food poisoning. Maybe I have iron stomach or I didn't order correctly the Spicy California Floor Roll special that was cooking at room temps for the past few hours. Regardless, I'm hashtag-blessed and am glad this reign of potential terror in our community is being dealt with thanks to Elijah for blowing the whistle on this fishy operation.

According to KHQ, two people have been fired since the videos surfaced online. Hopefully it's those responsible for multiple health code violations and NOT those drawing attention to them. Revoke those responsible for these alleged food crimes and cut up their food handlers cards for good.

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