WTH! Steve Carell Wanted To Do More Seasons Of 'The Office'

We do not need this news right now.

According to the upcoming book The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s by Andy Greene, Steve Carell had no intention of leaving the show after Season 7.

That's right. We could have had more seasons on Michael Scott!

Many of us thought Carell may have been burned out on the character or wanted to focus on more dramatic movie roles. This wasn't the case. Apparently NBC was undergoing a shift in top management and the new people in charge taking the show for granted.

A sound technician and hair stylist close to situation claim Carell wanted to do more seasons but no efforts were made from the decision makers at the network. Michael Scott exited after seven glorious seasons and The Office limped through two more to a haphazard ending.

To think during our 'Stay Home, Stay Healthy' period we could have few more Michael Scott seasons to binge over and over. I feel robbed.

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