Someone Pooped 💩 On Johnny Depp's Bed!

The details of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's failed marriage are wild.

The latest allegations stink! But are on par for what has been an ugly and strange public divorce between the two actors.

Daily Mail - Johnny Depp today claimed he decided to divorce Amber Heard after she defecated in their marital bed 'as a prank' as he denied hitting her and said that she had abused him throughout their marriage.
But the most sensational revelation from Depp was that he decided to divorce Heard after faeces was left in their bed.
The actor said Heard or 'possibly one of her friends' was responsible for the incident, but claimed she dismissed it as 'just a harmless prank', and he said it was the final straw in their deteriorating marriage.

If what's alleged it true, I'm on Team Depp on this issue. Under no circumstance is pooping on someone's bed a funny prank. It could be Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O doing it on Jackass and I'd still hold this stance.

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