English Pub Installs Electric Fence Around Bar To Keep Workers Safe

There's an English pub that is absolutely electric!

Literally. The pub has installed electric fences around its bar to keep the workers safe socially distanced from the customers.

The landlord of The Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall says the extreme measures were for "everyone's benefit" after punters continued to ignore the coronavirus guidelines. 
Along with a warning sign, the fully charged barrier stands around a foot away from the bar, insuring revellers don't crowd around as they wait to be served. Mr McFadden claims that the fence is usually switched off, but was quick to warn that: "It can be turned on"

Several boozed-up customers claim they were zapped by the fence on Saturday night after a few pints

This needs to be part of the "new normal." There are always way too many people pressed up against the bar, hounding the poor bartenders.

It's also good for those who have had too much to drink. Wander a little too close to the bar and *ZAP!* you're feeling the force of electricity coursing through your booze-filled body!

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