Washington State Football Coach Buys Absurd Amount of Girl Scout Cookies

New Washington State head football coach Nick Rolovich knows how to endure himself to his team and community.

The Cougars coach just purchased an absurd 23 cases of Girl Scout cookies. Each case holds about 12 boxes of delicious cookies. That's 276 boxes of cookies!

If I had my choice the majority of the boxes would be Samoas. Also known as Carmel deLites. The G.O.A.T. Girl Scout cookie.

Rolovich pointed out that due to the pandemic sales were down for the cookies and to help out by purchasing some.

In honor of the new Cougs coach's awesome power move, here is my Girl Scout Cookies Power Rankings.

  1. Samoas
  2. Tagalongs
  3. Thinmints
  4. Do-si-dos
  5. Carmel Chocolate Chip
  6. Thanks-A-Lot
  7. Toffee-tastic
  8. Girl Scout S'Mores
  9. Lemon-Ups
  10. Trefoils

I wonder which Girl Scout pulled off the sale of the century?

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