WNBA's Candace Parker Will Be The First Woman On An NBA 2K Game Cover!

To be the athlete on the cover of any video game is a big deal, but to be the first female athlete on the cover of an NBA2K game is historical!

Candace Parker of Chicago Sky will be on the cover with the special WNBA 25th Anniversary Edition of NBA2K22 when it comes out on September 10th. She said, "I'm a fan of basketball. I eat, sleep and breathe basketball. I'm a historian within basketball. I am a fan of basketball. I commentate basketball. I play video games. It was really the perfect storm because there are a lot of other people well-deserving of this, and I know that."

Along with Candace, Luka Doncic, will be on the cover of the game's regular edition, and Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be on the various covers for the NBA 75th anniversary edition.

Congratulations, Candace!

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