Tom DeLonge Is 'A Little Sore' After Revealing He Had Surgery On His Face

Photo: Getty Images

Tom DeLonge is feeling a little sore after undergoing a recent surgery on his face.

The blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves musician shared an update on his health with fans by posting a selfie on Instagram on Wednesday (May 25). In the post, he revealed that he underwent a surgery earlier in the week on a nerve in his face, but didn't explain what led to the need for surgery.

"I was productive today," he wrote. "Had a 3hr surgery on Monday but I'm pulling through great. Just had a nerve that needed some love deep in my f------ face."

DeLonge added that he's still on the mend from the surgery, but otherwise feeling okay. "All good now, kind of... ha. Maybe a little sore."

Fans were quick to show their support during his recovery. "Get well soon Tom!" one commenter wrote, while another said "Glad you're on the mend!" One helpful user even offered tips on how they manage their own pain, saying, "I use breathing & yoga for my nerve pain, I'm sorry you needed surgery but I'm glad Your ok!"

Another well-wisher left a supportive comment, all the while poking fun at the iconic delivery of one of his blink-182 songs. "You're already the nerve inside my yead... hope you're doing well Tom!"

Check out his health update here.

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